Monday, February 15, 2010

Wood, wood and more wood!

The woodshed
We need wood, some for use in the log burner in the downstairs family room...
And we have a Marshall furnace that heats our water, on average we light it twice a week, more if we have extra smelly people staying!
In order for the above to be of any use they need to be fed, their diet is simple, they need wood. And we have an abundance of that around the place, you will have seen in previous blog entries that we have been cutting down some pines. Although it's probably not the best firewood, it's free and it does the job. It's been such a help having Stuart(moved on now to discover more of NZ) and Bastian who have pretty much cut enough firewood to get us through the winter.

This picture is of the woodshed with the remains of last years wood before the boys tidied then added to it.
The wood on the right was tidied and restacked, the big lumps of wood still need to be cut at this stage, they were a bit tough for the axemen! The stock feed bags are full of pine cones which make great firelighters.
This Saturday the log splitter was dragged out fo the barn on the tractor and was put into action. It wasn't doing much to start with, it had no pressure at all, so Joe had a fiddle, he's a great fiddler! And it worked..................
It sliced through those big lumps of wood like butter..................

And this is how the woodshed looked Saturday afternoon!
But wait! There's more! Now what? I hear you ask! I shall tell you............

Sometime back in the winter, a branch fell off one of the big pines in the far paddock, the branch is on the left, "I can see that! I'm not blind!" Yeees I know that, but I just wanted to distract you from the slave labour employed gathering pine cones, it actually cost me four pizzas and 2 boxes of beer, so who's the slave I'm wondering? Anyway the branch fell, I'm not sure of it made a noise when it fell, no-one was here to hear it! Sigh! It's Monday, it's raining and I'm avoiding the housework.. I promise, no more dithering.. it fell on a fence, one of the new fences, well not that new but newish....and it's been sat there ever since.
Until Saturday that is, until LumberJoe(he's not called Jack) went with his trusty chainsaw and cut it up............
Now it needs to be loaded on the trailer and brought to the woodshed....another job for the log splitter......BASTIAN!!!!! I say, yoo hoo....where ya hidin".............?

PS It's at this point I confess that before I was about to put on the last few photos I realised I had left the camera the rain......overnight................ poop! I am pleased to report however that it seems ok but I had a couple of bottom tweaking moments I can tell ya!

A couple more photos.... the ever present dawgs, well two of 'em, Max and Clyde. In her defence Bonnie had probably had a hard day barking at nothing whatsoever and it's a real effort to get off that sofa...the poor luv!

The view of the house from the far paddock


  1. Sue,
    I've been reading your blog regularly for a while. You're such a funny writer and so descriptive! Thanks for including all the photos. It's great to see how you're getting on at your little farm.
    We're hoping to make the same move to NZ (from Australia) sometime soon. We're just waiting for our house to sell here. Then we'll be heading to Northland.
    I can see that I can learn a lot from you... You're blazing the way in true pioneer style!

  2. Sue, your such a funny writer. Thank you for sharing your humor,k the pictures and your family and friends weith us today.

  3. Hi Lauren, thanks for reading and for your very kind comments :D They made me smile, especially the pioneer bit lol! Good luck with your move to Northland, a nice part of NZ I've heardxx

  4. Aww thanks Laura, if only me English teacher had been so encouraging, instead of just tutting and taking to his cupboard for a ciggie ;-D

  5. OMG I did the exact same thing to our camera and its still working as well. Gives you a nasty moment of self-recrimination though.

    Envious of all that wood. We'll go and fetch ours from Mumndads place, but are waiting until its cooler and the snakes have sodded off for winter. Thanks for the pine cone tip as well. I continually loathe myself in winter for... using firelights. Gah. I know. Dont. Tell. Anyone.


  6. Sue,

    That is a lot of wood!! Your dogs are the cutest things.

  7. Snakes!! Ewww!! Think I'd have heat pumps installed lol! Camera is still working so hopefully got away with it! Phew!
    Hi Mel, they are lovely eh, shame there's not one of Bonnie, she was resting on her chaise Lounge!

  8. Wow thats a lot of wood! We have an exterior wood pile, Beautiful place you have! You've done so much work already I like to flip to your older posts t watch the progress

  9. Thanks Katidids! It does me good to look back occasionally just so I can see how much we've done, because sometimes I don't see it! :D

  10. I really enjoy your blog. I am following it and I am also adding it to my blog roll on:

    My husband and I want to live like you do..Once we do, I will blog about my adventures as well. For now I have to enjoy yours..

    Jo in Texas.

  11. Thanks Jo, I think you and your husband must be mad!! lol Just kidding, just find a place that doesn't need QUITE so much work! :D Thank you for following and adding me to your blog roll xx

  12. We won't get too big of a place..

  13. Famous last words! This is our 3rd renovation project, and each time we've said never again!! This time though, NEVER again! lol Getting too old!


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