Monday, February 01, 2010

Saturday 30th January -A productive weekend

The Woodshed

It's amazing what you can get done with some extra pairs of hands, our HelpXers Stuart and Bastian have been doing great things. We should have done this a lot earlier, but then I don't suppose we could have really as they wouldn't have had anywhere to sleep, unless they were willing to sleep in the barn. Mind you that might have been better than some of the backpackers hostels. It's Monday today, Auckland Anniversary weekend and a public holiday, so we all have a day of rest. After such a productive weekend we reckoned we've earned it, I'm taking bets on how long Joe will sit still for.,.I reckon 2 your bets now!
This is how our weekend went..............

It wasn't all work, Saturday started with a spot of fishing off the wharf at Raglan. We got there quite early but still it was pretty busy, the pottery shop was open and the fish and chip shop. There was a steady stream of walkers and there were plenty of others trying their luck fishing. A small water truck was waiting for a while, there a 4x4 pulled up and out jumped the owners of a fishing trawler and there was much activity, sorting fish in big containers for collection. And I'm pretty sure some went to the fish and chip shop. When I went to buy some bottles of drink there they were busy filleting the fish. They do the nicest Fush and chups there. Some photos for you...
Fishing boat

Stuart and Bastian
My Photo of the day - Click on the photo to enlarge and look at what is on the front of the board on the right! How cool is that?
Back home
Work continued in the garden, Stuart and Bastian finished clearing that wood from the bank and stacked it in the woodshed so we are beginning to build up for winter supplies, still plenty to go yet though.

Remember the dovecote border?

Most of the stones have been bagged up and this border is ready for some mulch.


  1. yeh for helpxers!! they look like they're doing a sterling job!

  2. They are! :D Everyoine should have one, two even! ;)


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