Thursday, February 11, 2010

Updates on some of the work being done here.

The dovecote Border has been cleared and now mulched, ready for planting in the autumn.

Last Saturday they cleared a paddock of gorse. Some of this paddock had been part cleared already hence the big pile. That pile however still needed some cutting down and restacking before new gorse could be added to it. The bank along the back of it, below the fenceline had rather a lot of gorse! I may have a photo somewhere. Come the autumn we will put a match to it, it's still a bit dry here at the moment.
Farmer Bastian, oooh arrrrrhhhh! 'Get thee orf my land or I'll stick thee with moy pitchfork!!'
Bonnie, completely useless when it comes to clearing gorse, but she looks good!
Hard at it, Hi Ho! It's off to work we go!
Stuart gets the chainsaw to the base of the gorse stump then Joe sprays the stump, so hopefully that one won't grow back!
Other jobs have included felling some trees, a couple had been getting too tall and too close to power lines. So they were felled, cut into logs, chopped for firewood and stacked in the woodshed. The smaller branches were mulched and spread on the borders.
One of the trees needed the top cutting off forst before it could be chainsawed, otherwise it may have brought the power lines down with it. Joe..monkey man! Anyone got a banana?
Rope tied around the top part of the tree and then pulled out and away from the lines. It got a bit stuck in the lower branches. Pull.................heave.............
There she goes!
I'll be back with more yet, just trying desperately to catch up with the last week, be back soon.


  1. I hate gorse and a cleared paddock is a noble thing....especially the hard yakka way you guys are doing it. Don't forget those seeds lay in the ground and are viable for at least two years, so you need to keep blitzing any re-growth as soon as it appears otherwise all your hard work will be for nothing. Keep up the good fight! Loving your updates.

  2. Sigh! Tell me about it Tanya, and so much more to go too, and we'll never beat it not while the neighbour does nothing with his! Hopefully between us and the goats we will at least one day be on top of it! You just don't want to see what we still have to do! :(


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