Thursday, February 11, 2010

A day out at the beach

After all the hard work everyone had been putting in, Sunday 7th was a day of rest and recreation. Much needed and well earned we headed up to Anzac Bay, Bowentown near Waihi Beach, we just love it there. So here is our day in pictures.....

Bastian and Stuart take the kayaks out
Where are yer bound mate?
Pohutukawa, I love it's gnarled branches.

This is the life!
Gone fishin'
Much patience is required when fishing and the ability to cope with disappointment! :D
Joe, forever hopeful
Good cast Stuart
It doesn't get any better than this

Joe heads out to try his luck further out and probably wished he hadn't. He hooked a stingray which managed to keep turning the kayak around until another kayaker came to his aid. We thought he was being friendly when we saw him waving! ;)
Is this paradise? Mount Maunganui in the background

Lots of steps down a very steep path take to to this little treasure of a beach, like you I will just have to enjoy the photos. Me and steep steps on the side of cliffs don't get on!

Bastian, spot those shorts! :D

It was a great day, relaxing and refreshing and we must do it more often.


  1. Beautiful photos, really looked so wonderfully relaxing.

  2. It was and then back to the grindstone the next day lol!

  3. It looks like paradise.

  4. Ya know I really think it is Mel :D


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