Monday, March 01, 2010

A party, a new month and the beginning of Autumn

Thank you to everyone for my birthday wishes and to those who came and shared the day with us yesterday. We are so lucky to have made such good friends since coming to New Zealand and it's on special occasions like a birthday that it makes you realise that we just don't see enough of them.
Make note: Must do better in that department.
It is hard though when so much is going on here.
We had a barbeque and in typical Kiwi fashion no-one came empty handed. It's usual for guests to 'bring a plate' NOT just a plate! But a plate with something on it, I have heard of some funny stories of British guests turning up at Kiwi get togethers with just that! A Plate! So funny! I'm glad to say that I wasn't one of those Brits hahah! Phew. It works so well too, there is always a great selection of delicious food. When I think back to some of the parties we hosted and went to back in the UK it was so unfair of guests to assume that the hosts would provide all of the food, and such a burden for the hosts, in not just costs but time. I much prefer the Kiwi way.
I have to give a special mention to Glen, our neighbour, who if he ever gets fed up with dairy farming he should open a dessert shop, he makes the most devine cakes. Yesterday he brought over a cheesecake with liquorice, a pineapple upside down cake and a banoffie pie that was to die for. So thank you Glen XX

Glens liqourice cheesecake filled in for the birthday cake Joe didn't make! ;-D

Just give me a spoon Joe! I developed a double chin just looking at it!

No spoon! Then I'll just have to shove my face in it!
A photo of some of the lovely gifts

A close up of the lovely dragonfly necklace from Mary & Ray which came from Tonga

A tea infusion mug from Pauline. Martin & James
It made a lovely cuppa
Michael bought me the ABBA singstar and Joe got the mics. My lovely guests will have to come back to enjoy this pressie! I bet they can't wait..........
It is the 1st of March today and supposedly the start of Autumn, but if the temperatures were anything to go by I think I might just hang out for the Autmn equinox on March the 21st.


  1. That dragonfly pendant is very pretty!

    Yes, it's nice to have a collection of good friends around. Hope this next year is a good one!

  2. I love dragonflies, I have heaps in the garden this time of year, I'm sure it's going to be a great year!

  3. I love the dragonfly necklace it is so pretty. I wish I had visitors that bring lovely desserts like that ....yummmy

  4. It is lovely, I'm sure I have some earrings that will match the necklace perfectly


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