Monday, March 01, 2010

Oh crop!

Oh Crop! Of pears that is! There is so much cropping going on I feel just about cropped out! As if plum crops weren't enough nature gives me pears! But not just nature, our neighbour too, he gave us a load of such crop!
Perhaps I should just stop talking crop and show you the photos.........

Our pears picked today
And the pears from our neighbour
Tune in next time, same time, same channel for future episodes such as:
Pear Jam
Pear chutney
Pear wine

Oh crop!


  1. I'm sure you mean to say "Our pears picked today"...

    We know what you mean HOWEVER you say it!

  2. And the prize today goes to lauren for spotting the delivebate mistake!
    I tell you I was dreaming of blasted plums!!! hahah Will edit it, thanks xx

  3. It would be lovely to have a crop of pears to preserve for a later date but I have to buy them if I was to do that and at the moment they are not cheap

  4. Yes I shouldn't complain really, all this lovely free produce. I enjoy preserving really, just never done quite so much before!

  5. I just literally laughed out loud when I saw your post title. I got a funny look from the cat :D


  6. Pear Crumble? or pear and plum crumble!? I have a good recipe for the topping if you need one : )

  7. Anonymous6:34 am

    What a load of crop!!

  8. Hahahah to Milla & Mel! :-D

    Aileen, I would love the recipe please xx

  9. Ahhh we love pears.
    We even planted a pear tree, so that in another 3 years we might acutally get to pick our own.

    Pear & chicken sandwiches. Trust me delicious. spread with cream cheese, add a bit of oil and vinegar, Lettuce if you are into that healthy stuff. Yummy.

  10. OOh TMtoK's sounds interesting! mmm

  11. Wow, I can't wait to see all the stuff you are going to make!
    Happy belated birthday! It seemed like such a great party and you received nice gifts. I hope you enjoy your ABBA singalong..(As a Swede I am a big fan of ABBA of course, and I don't get to hear much ABBA here in Texas)

    I agree, I like it better when people bring things to eat at the parties instead of the hostess have to provide all the food..

  12. I was meant to get started today but realised I was missing a few ingredients, so postponed until tomorrow.
    Still to get the singstar outta the box! Well to be honest I don't know how to switch the playstation on!!

  13. Hey Sue, I'll swap you pumpkins for your pears - just got to get past Australia Post first!


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