Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The end of era at Little Gems

Beryl & Bert the kune kunes
We made a decision not so long ago to reduce the number of animals we have here, to try and cut down on some of the workload and feed bills, it adds up over time and we needed to tighten the belt. With so many things going on here something had to go and as I wasn't prepared to let my goats go, well not all of them. We have to reduce the cow numbers too, but the real 'end' has come with the Kune Kunes. As much as I loved them being here and having piglets running around they were the animals that we decided to let go. Last Wednesday Bert went to his new home near Rotorua and Beryl could possibly be going to Pirongia, so she won't be too far away. I'm still waiting to hear for definate, she can't go for another 3 weeks anyhow as she is raising a litter of piglets. If these people don't take her then I have another possible waiting in the wings. I'll miss them and I cried like a baby after Bert went, some decisions although hard to make are often the right ones, but I don't have to like it.

Dutch our boer buck
At the weekend we also said goodbye to Dutch our Boer buck, he was never a permanent fixture as he was here for breeding purposes, we used him for three breeding seasons. The does who may be bred next year are his daughters so he can't be used again. He was such an easy going fella with a gentle nature, a bit smelly at times but I have to say I've walked past smellier humans. He went off with his paddock mate Bob, a wethered saanen about the size of a small pony, another nice natured boy who we had for about the same time as Dutch. He came here to be a paddock mate for Dutch and as they are inseparable it was only right they went together. We still have one young buck to sell, hopefully he'll go soon. At this stage I not sure that I will continue to breed boers, I will keep the girls I have and wait and see what kids we get later this year. I didn't renew my NZ boer goat breeder membership this year so there will be no more showing either, well not for a while.

One more animal that needs to go is one of the Dexters, it may well be Diamond, she is Isobels second Daughter who went with the bull for the first time this year and so she should be in calf. I need to advertise her soon. I was going to sell Cara, Isobels first daughter but she is a lot friendlier that Diamond. We shall then be down to 2 cows and their calves once Diamond goes.

So lots of changes and some adjustments being made. When I fed the animals yesterday there was less to do and it felt good, so maybe it won't be too hard after all and I can get quality time with the remaining animals from now on.


  1. It sounds like your workload is a lot easier now. You will have more time for the ones you are keeping - they will love all the extra attention.

  2. It should make the grazing arrangements easier too, it's a bit of a mission organising who goes where.

  3. I was sad to hear that some of your animals had to be re homed..specially the Kune Kune's they are wonderful little piggies. I have never seen them here in Oz. It is our dream to get some acreage when D gets out of the Navy, and one of the things I know I will have trouble with is 'you can't keep everything, but I want to' Brave lady doing the rightie :-D

  4. Thanks Wendy, it is sad but had to be done. At first I wanted everything and we have often been called Old MacDonalds farm :D It will be better for all of the animals in the long run.


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