Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A space for a greenhouse

Photos taken September 2009

We have an area by one of the water tanks that is an extension of the veggie garden, in fact it was the first area we planted anything in, it was a crop of potatoes. Although it grew a great crop it was a nightmare to keep weed free, the worst invasive culprit was the comfrey! Yes I know it has wonderful benefits, makes great compost etc etc... it is however a real pain in the proverbial to keep in check. It's perfectly ok kept in one area, possibly with the roots contained in a pot like you would grow mint, but the minute you disturb the roots you are going to have trouble!
Joe had used the cultivator to rotovate the ground and in doing so spread a gazillion little bits of comfrey roots that spread like wildfire. Any good benefits at this stage have now outweighed by it's determination to take over the world! Well maybe not the world, but you get the idea.
This is the area that the greenhouse will be, there will also be raised beds around 2 sides that we hope to grow a more succesfull crop of tomatoes in next year. They were so buffeted by wind that they struggled badly this year. This area is more sheltered from the wind

Two weekends ago Joe started clearing the overgrowth, we had grown some potatoes in there and some corn which had their heads chomped off by a pig, so all that grew above ground successfully were weeds and comfrey!!
Once cleared Joe dugs some holes for some posts, these are the supports for the corrugated iron sheeting we are going to use for the raised beds. Given the nature of the area and that every so often the high sides slip, the raised beds will be tiered up the sides. They will serve a double purpose, not only will they be used for growing in they will act as retaining walls.
This is the first edge, this is more as a enclosure wall, I would like a low bed in front of it but it will depend on the space available around the greenhouse.

The back wall here will be the front of the first tier of raised beds
That's it so far, more will be done soon I expect but Joe being Joe has already onto something else.......sigh! I still have hair you know! Surprising innit!


  1. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Hi all,looks as if you been busy again,making room for a greenhouse then,hope you had some rest and not slogging all the time,weather still looks as if it keeping pretty good ,read about the animals you want to go,it will make it alot easier but will be sad obviously seeing them everyday then they are gone Take care Mum & DadxxxW

  2. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Keep us posted on the progress. My dogs are shedding like crazy. I can send you some hair so you can make yourself a wig!!

  3. Will do Mel :D If what I have just vacuumed up off ths carpet on the lounge is anything to go by I won't be needed your dawgs hair, I've got enough here for dreads!!

  4. Hi Sue

    The greenhouse site looks great, although I think you will have a lot of work ahead of you!!

    I just read your previous post about the animals - its very sad when they go but you will have less work and sometimes that is just what needs to happen - to keep your sanity amongst other things.

    Still loving your Blog. Take care

  5. Hi Rachael, we laugh in the face of hard work....then cry...then curl up in a corner and rick to and fro muttering gibberish!! hahah That's what it feels like sometimes ;-D


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