Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Would you look at this!

Over the Easter weekend our neighbours cows went for a little wander, there was a lot of them, he's a dairy farmer! Our other neighbour called in to say they were out and as said dairy farmer was away for the weekend we all went and put them back in the paddocks even though they were separated and in different ones! The relief milker wondered where they were at 4am the next morning! He worked it out in the end, it must have been fun looking for 300 or more cows in the dark.
It's not the first time they've got out and gone walkabout and not the first time we've chased them back, such naughty girls!!
Doesn't bother me though, they could get out every week as far as concerned, especially when the neighbour brings you something like this to say thank you!


  1. I should not read your blog when I'm hungry.........will be raiding the cupboards looking for something sweet to eat now : )

  2. It is yum wino, carrot cake!
    Aileen oops! Should I provide a warning first?? haha


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