Saturday, May 08, 2010

A first for me! I'm making a quilt.

I've always wanted to make one but was never brave enough to try, or even know where to start! Ages ago I saw some beautiful fabric and bought it with the intention of finally making a quilt for our bed. Well needless to say it never got started until now.

A group of ladies in my road get together every other Thursday for a craft evening, (that would be handicrafts and not witchcraft as has been suggested) one of those ladies has recently retired and has started a daytime get together at hers on a Tuesday. These ladies are very talented quilters and I saw an opportunity to finally get started.

This past Tuesday we talked of how I could make best use of the fabric, they showed me how to measure, cut and sew. And thus the quilt was started. Yesterday, Friday, I cleared my kitchen table, dusted off my sewing machine, found my iron and ironing board from the depths of the understairs cupboard and haven't really stopped since.

I have obviously stopped now or I wouldn't be writing this whilst enjoying a glass of wine sitting in my PJ's watching Torchwood. Anyway enough blathering, here's my efforts so far....

Still a way to go yet, but I'm very pleased with my efforts so far.

Of course I had help, he was especially good at spreading the pins everywhere!


  1. Wow, that is really beautiful, well done. x

  2. What agreat effort and it will be so pretty when it is the colours too

  3. Thank you :-D Not bad for a first attempt!

  4. I love the fabric. Great job!!

  5. I know, isn't is gorgeous! Did some more today, about to blog it!

  6. love the fabric Sue

  7. I know it's lovely isn't it! :D


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