Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oooh! And another one!

Just under a week ago I started this quilting project.

As the embroidery was done by hand, I also quilted by hand using the same thread used for the running stich border.

Do you like my little watering can? Cute innit?
Finished it, now what am I gonna do?


  1. I really love the look of this one and the holder upper thingy looks smart too.How long does it take to make this sort of quilt?What would the selling price of it be?

  2. Well, if you don't have space for it I sure do! Its great! I enlarged the photo to see the design better. NICE work! I love combination needle work like that, so much more of a persons personality shines thru! Well Done!
    Ha Ha! my secutity word was undies

  3. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Make another one!!! This one is lovely.

  4. HI chook, something that size didn't take long at all, had the front cut and sewn together in an afternoon. Put the backing on yesterday and did the quilting, then did the binding this morning. The stitchery took a couple of days on and off! I got bugger all else done tho! haha
    Thanks Katie, I love the colours.
    I might have to Mel, but not just now, might get on with some crossstich

  5. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. Would love to buy something like that. x

  6. Make more and sell them! This is lovely :)

  7. Aww thank you, once I get a better stash of fabrics, maybe I will make and sell. :D right now though I'm making them for me...all mine....hahaha!


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