Saturday, June 12, 2010

Renovations - A touch of colour

The ceilings did need another coat of paint, so Joe did them this morning. And that's them done! We had originally opted to go for an off white but then felt that just plain white would better reflect any light into the room as we have chosen such warm colours for the walls. Plain white is of course heaps cheaper than a tinted paint so another good reason to stick to white.
TV room
And we are off............
The colour I chose for the walls is a Dulux colour called Marton, but as the other colours chosen are from Resene, this is the Resene version. Not sure how to describe this colour other than it's a neutral tone with a kind of greeny brownish hue.
The ceilings are 3m high and so far too high for me to reach, so Joe is having to do the top part, he will have to cut in tomorrow during the daylight, it was too dark to see properly at this point.
Ok, it's at this point I need to tell you that, I was meant to be doing all the painting at this stage. I'm the one who likes to paint and is better at cutting in to the edges (without using masking tape) Now I don't like heights, I don't like stepladders either, so with 3 metre high walls it was always going to be a problem for me. So I asked Joe to put a decorating support zimmer frame on top of the A frame, this has been a very handy piece of hand made equipment that has been used since we started the renovations.
So off Joe trots to his workshop, grabs some wood and spends nearly an hour making me my zimmer frame. Ok he says, try it out. So I did! I got up okay but had a bit of bother getting down. I have ever so slightly dodgy knees and the step back down was too far for me to reverse comfortably. So off he trots to the workshop and fashions me up another step! He's such a luv! Anyhow, he drags this now very heavy A zimmerframe to the wall and up I get, wiv me paintbrush.......... annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...............I couldn't bloody reach to cut in below the coving! God I'm such a shortarse! This is why you see Joe painting the high bits and not me!
Here we are then, the first coat on three walls...
The white wall is going to be another coulour, we are using another Resene colour called Mondo, which is the most gorgeous rich browny colour! You'll have to wait to see that one though.


  1. Very nice colours!

  2. It's looking great! I love the ladder, such a great idea. I sort of enjoy when I'm too short to do something. It's a nice break. ;)

  3. Thanks Denise, I'm looking forward to the end result!
    Heather being short does have it's advantages sometimes :D

  4. Looking good, Sue. I like the colour and am keen to see the brownishy one. Sounds lovely.


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