Sunday, June 13, 2010

Painting continued.....and Joe hangs some doors

Joe was playing with power tools today, first he used a router to rebate the doors, this is so that when they close they overlap each other, he also used the same tool to set in the hinges...
hanging the doors

Voila! From inside the lounge..
Looking in from the hallway..
I put the sealer/primer on the walls, this seemed to take ages....
then Joe finished the high bits...
This room is now ready for colour...


  1. Yay for doors!! Can you tell I am a big renovation geek? I can't wait to see what color you paint it!!

  2. All in good time Mel! :D Apparently I'm going to fast and have to slow down! What!! Methinks someone needs to pull his ruddy finger out!

  3. Wow, thats really looking good! How about if we come and help you for a week or 2 then you come here! Plenty of wine & you could help me establish chooks about the place.....

  4. Speaking as someone who can't bang a nail in without banging my finger as well, I'm full of admiration. Great work!

  5. Thank you! I'm best not left alone with tools too! :D


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