Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pfft...hardly worth a mention...

Summat Joe made earlier, just like that!
Can we come in?


  1. I've loved watching how these renos are coming along. You are starting to make think I should be finishing off all of our half finished projects.

  2. Looks like a couple of littles sayin "whatcha doin Mama?"

  3. Oh Sue if you could only see all the other jobs that need doing, you'd think you were doing okay! :D
    We were trying to see the doors closed, they opened the door everytime we closed it! Little sods! lol
    Very cute! haha!

  4. I am sending you warm and fuzzy thoughts, because you are a far greater woman than I, although I always now it's for the best... I sooooooooooooooooooo hate being in a house being renovated, it makes me crazy, the dust, the upheaval, the incompleteness of it all, makes me agitated and antsy and cranky - *laughing* but yours look great all the same.

  5. Aww Wendy xx It makes me the same too. We are having a blitz this weekend, I think we are aiming to get at least the main walls painted! I am so over it now.


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