Thursday, June 17, 2010

Football World Cup fever

Not quite a week into it and already I have lost the will to live, I had to go to bed the other night as the sound of those Vuvuzela horns were driving me to the point of madness, I thought I was going to go cry. It's one of those sounds that I think if I had tuned it out at the beginning it wouldn't have bothered me, but I didn't and so now when I hear it it's like some subliminal stimulii telling me to go and strangle someone or at the very least shove said horn where the sun doesn't shine! I hope they know a good proctologist!
Anyway I may have a solution......


  1. Oh my god!! Is it possible to die from laughing so hard?

  2. Quite possibly! So be careful! :D

  3. it is SO ANNOYING!! I heard the BBC are trying to do a feed that cancels out the noise so we can't hear it!

  4. It is eh! I hope they can, I would like to watch a couple of England games at the very least!


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