Monday, June 21, 2010

I think I can now safely say.....

.....that we can see an end in sight for the the TV room and lounge. I have yet to paint all the woodwork in these rooms, I'll do that through the week. We still have the new office and the hallway to do, so we're not quite there. The office just needs cleaning up before was can start painting in there and we are waiting for the plasterer to come back and do the last few jobs in the hallway. Once these are finished and prepared they shouldn't take long to paint at all really.
On Saturday we had a carpet company come out and measure up, we have someone else coming out on Thursday too, always good to compare prices and try and get the best deal. We've decided to get the two rooms carpeted as soon as we can and defer the hallway and stairs for when that is finished. We just want to be able to get in there and start using them.
By Sunday around elevenish we had finished painting the walls, then we went out to buy some items that we needed. One such item were some tiles for the doorways to the deck. I like the idea they have here of using tiles just inside the doors that lead to outside and then fitting the carpet to the tiles. Easy to kick off your shoes on the tiles rather than tread straight onto the carpet. We chose these charcoal slate effect tiles, I think they are rather nice.
We had to buy some door trim to finish the door jambs, here Joe is reusing a bit of wood found in the barn as a foot plate, the carpets can butt up to that makes it easy too for us to get the rooms carpeted and an edge to end at.
Door trim up and ready for a bit of filler in the nail holes and a primer/undercoat..

We will need to get some glass for the windows and some doors handles/knobs..
I wouldn't let Joe have any dinner yesterday until he had put the light shades up, aren't I mean? Would you look at him with his spinny round duster.....where's his pinny? Have you noticed I haven't showed you the painting yet?? I'm saving the best until last................
And here it all is, walls all painted and lights sorted and electric socket covers on!


TV room

And a close up of the wall lights

TV room ceiling lights...
Lounge room lights have five lights rather than three like the TV room, the lounge is for reading and sitting doing my crafts etc, so we will need more light sometimes in here...
Ah yes the trusty A frame....modified again with an extra step so that Joe could get up real close for cutting in...... of course no-on has stated the obvious how are we going to get it out of the room??
Just kidding, it will go out of the patio doors and taken into the garage via the deck...the deck that is a wreck and has sections with no boards..... best not to think about that.....


  1. Looking good! Can you send Joe over here to do some dusting for me?

  2. Yep! Do ya want him with or without the pinny! Or 'just' in the pinny?? :D

  3. It looks fantastic! I'm so jealous and wishing we were almost finished too!

  4. Oh Wow Sue - your renos are looking FAB!!!!!

    It just looks brilliant and I loves seeing the updates. Cant wait to the the finished (LOL - does it EVER finish??) result.

    Well done!

    Rach xx

  5. I don't think it does ever finish lol, we deciede on a carpet today and were very naughty and bought a new leather suite for the TV room! Oops! ;D


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