Monday, June 07, 2010

Renovations - Brush strokes

Told you we wouldn't be able to sleep! It didn't help thae we had heavy rain and howling winds in the night! I think it must have been about 4am when I woke up, Joe wasn't far behind me and we were having a cuppa just before 5am. Joe was already hard at it soon after and I followed behind about 5.30ish.
Joe started sealing the ceiling ;D and I used a primer/undercoat on the window frames and skirting boards............
TV room
At 11 0'clock we downed tools, we felt we had done enough for the weekend. So we cleaned our brushes, showered and headed into Hamilton City for a spot of shopping and lunch out. It was a nice change to go out and do something different. When we got back we had a nanna nap on the sofa.
For anyone wondering, today was a public holiday, a day off for the Queens birthday! This makes me laugh, we never had the day off when we lived in the UK.

Michaels birthday tomorrow, he'll be 18! How did that happen??


  1. It's looking great! I know that feeling of being on the 'final lap' with the finish line in sight! No wonder you couldn't sleep. ;)

  2. Still a way to go with the hallway etc but these were the rooms I really wanted done! I want to sit there and chill! :D


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