Friday, June 04, 2010

A winter warmer

Dinner tonight was home made vegetable soup using up a lot of the veggies from the week. with home made foccacia bread, finished off with cheese and home made spicy tomato chutney.
In the soup - potatoes, onions, leek, carrots, cabbage, broad beans from the freezer, tinned kidney beans and baked beans. I added a packet of Maggi onion and bacon soup for extra flavour and salt and pepper and a couple of kettles of hot water. Simmered in a large saucepan until all veggies were soft. Easy peasy and scrummy.
And the best bit, plenty left for tomorrow...and the next day.....and the next.....


  1. I don't think there's anything that gives you more bang for your buck whilst being so highly nutritious as a hearty home made soup. I got stacks of fresh veggies the other day and made a hearty soup that we're still eating! I've got so many leftovers...

    3 leeks, 1/4 cabbage, 1 large carrot, a handful of barley and some vege stock. $8 for so many meals... just grab some bread from the freezer and you have a quick, easy, delicious, warming, nutritious meal for next to nothing.

  2. Hearty and comforting food, soup and bread :D

  3. Mmmmmm! that looks so good, to bad it's summer here in Kansas! I think I will make some foccacia today though!

  4. I'd never made it before, and it won't be the last! :D


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