Saturday, July 03, 2010

...and we did the bay too

Just couldn't let it rest. It was a bit of a pain with the angles and all of the joins in the rail, the curtains don't pull very smoothly because of that. So we will see how it settles, if it doesn't we may have to get one specially made, in the meantime here they are....
Just need to sort that seat out now.............


  1. They look wonderful Sue, would be a pain to have three separate curtain tracks? I like the colour of them...

  2. It looks really good. I love the color.

  3. It is a bit of a pain, I prefer the one length and pipe bender idea! They are a nice colour, they go well with everything. Although the camera doesn't really show it properly.

    Thanks Mel x

  4. All the hard work was definately worth it. The rooms looks great!!
    Tracey x

  5. Hi Sue

    Everything has come together so well. It looks fantastic. I love the colour of the curtains and they go really well. Good for keeping in all the warm air!!! Bet it is getting cold now :-)

    I love looking at all your updates

  6. Thanks Rach :D Still more to come yet, so still plenty to see. This weekend we are having a huge tidy up then the following weekend we are at a 90th birthday party, then it's back to work! lol


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