Thursday, July 08, 2010

The loft/attic

This is the hallway, the next phase of the renovations, well it's pretty much just painting really....we're having a couple of weeks off then work will resume. But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to show you our loft/attic.
In the hallway are a set of stairs, I don't like these stairs. It's because they are open and I hate walking up any kind of steps I can see through. The carpet fitter didn't particularly like them either, I think he is really looking forward to doing those when he comes back to finish the carpets! They have to stay like this as Joe isn't prepared to do anything about it...the rat!
The loft area is pretty huge and up until now it's been a bit of a dumping ground. Joe however has spent the last two evenings clearing everything out, including some of the really grotty old insulation complete with cat poo! (Lazy, smelly dirty, sneaky bloody cats!) He's cleared it because tomorrow, Friday, we were having the whole loft re-insulated. The NZ government has a grant thingie available which gives you up to 33% discount when you insulate your home. This discount pretty much covers the cost of having a recognised complany to fit it for you.

Once through the door and to the right is this space, facing east-ish
this area is above the new office
This space is above the lounge area
This above Michaels room
The view
Turn left and you have this space which is above the small bedroom.
Above the spare bedroom
Above the TV room
The view, you can just make the rental house in the distance
One day we will line these areas and make better use of them, Michael is keen to move up there, I'm keen to make it my 'Studio!' :D

It is lovely and clear, looks great doesn't it, but I bet ya wanna know where all the stuff went? Well I'll show you.......
I feel a declutter coming on.....cos it ain't going back in the loft!!


  1. Anonymous7:41 am

    Yes, you are in need of a good decrapification!! Have fun!!

  2. Llove that word, I have a friend on msn and we often mistype, we reckon we could start a whole new dictionary of an alternative language! Your word is truly worthy of a mention!! hahaha The guys have just turned up! Good job I was up! It's 7.50am!!!


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