Friday, July 09, 2010

Finished at last!

Way way back many centuries ago, not long after the Bible began.............well maybe not that far back, but certainly it seems like a long time ago I started crocheting, a lady at the craft fair in Hamilton taught me and a friend to crochet, I bought a pattern for a winter wrap. That wrap however was a bit long and in all honesty I knew I would never wear it as such. So I thought, 'I know, I'll keep going and make a huge bed throw, well after an age, I said 'Bugger it' and put it away. Too big a project that was going to take too long. One row take over half an hour!!
Anyway I dragged it out again today, I did another few rows and stopped. I'm going to cut it into shorter lengths and make cushion covers fronts from it. They'll look great in the new rooms, so watch this space...................
Close up


  1. Great idea Sue, I think they'll look fantastic. BTW are you using a differnt yarn for each row? I love the different colours and textures.

  2. Anonymous4:22 am

    That will make great cushion covers. Good idea!!

  3. Thanks :D Yes Lisa I bought all sorts of wool at a low price and went from there :D


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