Friday, July 09, 2010

Warm and toastie.....

The insulation is done! They were here at 7.40am and were go by 9.15am! Not bad going, there were four of them but it is a big area.
We're now upstairs, me in the lounge, Joe in the TV room, 'no' heater on and it's lovely and warm, and its' pretty darn cold outside. It's amazing what some decent insulation and thermal curtains can do.


  1. Very nice. That's so green of you. Insulation is great for keeping the costs of heating/cooling down.

    Also, I had a little chuckle to myself, I think its a miracle for anyone to keep a blog updated daily, but I think you're the first I know to make two posts a day on a regular basis! But then, I barely update each month!

  2. It's a bit like waiting for a bus! Nothing for ages then 3 come at once lol!
    Insulation is great, the next brilliant thing is double glazing. We're used the that in the UK but it's just catching on over here! Mind you we cant afford to replace windows.

  3. We get grants here for inasulation, we now have double glazing, cavity wall insulation and one metre thick loft insulation. When you get the loft insulated here, you then need a solar fan installed in the loft to move the air to stop the roof space getting mouldy as it's so well insulated now that no warmth gets there from the house. It was around 0 = 5 degrees here last winter and I barely put the heating on.

  4. Wow! A metre thick, that's amazing. Great way to save energy and keep those bills down.


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