Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My bargain buys

On Sunday I needed to kill some time whilst Joe was at an appointment, so I had a wander around The Base, it's a big out of town retail shopping area, with shops....obviously! :D It's still growing and there is lots of building work going on. Originally the land used to be an airforce base, hence the name, 'The Base'.
One of the most recent malls to open is Te Awa, the main store is Farmers, it's a department store and I like to wander around the homewares section, I'm not interested in the clothes or the cosmetics and perfume etc, so this is where I always end up, looking at the lovely things.
I was in luck on this visit as some of those 'lovely things' were reduced in a stock clearance sale. Now I love to see in big print, words such as 'SALE' and 'REDUCED' and I'm sure they have some kind of homing beacon because I tend to start behaving like the Eloi in H.G. Wells book The Time Machine, you know the part when the siren sounds and the Eloi walk in a trance like state to the clutches of the Morlocks, I too am drawn by some strange urge to look, drool and get me purse out! I just can't help myself.
So here are the 'lovely things' I bought, two serving platters, one small and one huge, especially lovely because they only cost me $15.00! Well, technically they only cost me $10.00, because I found $5.00 on the floor! A bit of a result all round really!

Small platter, normally $19.99, I got for $5.00
Large platter, normally $49.99, I bought for $10.00
I'm pretty sure Joe doesn't truly appreciate just how much money I save him sometimes!


  1. Those husbands have no idea just how much we are helping them. Miserable ingrates!!

  2. I know! Us girls are fighting a never ending battle! :D


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