Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our place on Google Earth

Google Earth have been updating their aerials shots of our area, I just thought I'd check it out today and it's a very recent photo too as I can see the rows of dead gorse, below the rental house, that we cut down back in April.
**Edited to add, the image was taken on July 8th, it says so on the bottom left!**

I've used red to outline our boundary and put text to show our house, the rental house and the barn, sorry but the text is a bit small. Just click on the photo to make it bigger, you'll have to look closely.

The separate area at the bottom right is ours too, it's just across the road and is our future firewood.

It's a pretty good shot I think. Good job I wasn't sunbathing in the altogether eh!! ;-D


  1. Yeh, no privacy. Big Brother is looking. Haven't see ya around lately Mate. Love the renovations.Have a great weekend Sue

  2. Hi luv, been trying to get the painting finished, so not much to report other that the same old stuff. Hope to have a good update soon. Had a quick look at you holiday posts! They look fab, will get back and have a proper look soon :D Enjoy your weekend too ♥

  3. Looks SO beautiful :) A little nook of paradise.

  4. You live in great place! It looks amazing over there. Good luck on the finishing the painting.


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