Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting sorted and the war on clutter continues

I didn't blog for a week, I had nothing to report really. We are still in the process of trying to organise the rooms and get those outstanding jobs finished. What I shall do today is show what we've achieved so far..............
New Craft room: Some of you may remember that I had set a room up downstairs in the smaller bedroom for my craft space. Well I've moved! To the smaller room upstairs, this was the original plan and it's much nicer in here, it has a bit more light....
....and a cupboard with shelves, which aren't perfect but they will be fine for now.
Under the stairs: We've put the bookcase here, it looks rather snug.....
The office: This weekend Joe bought some cheap shelf units and assembled them in the cupboard space, it didn't take me long to fill them. We still need to put doors on here.
The curtain rail is up, I will hang the curtains later......
Bedroom: I like this room, it has high ceilings in here, and I reckon we should make that bed a four poster! Can't imagine why Joe wanders off muttering when I mention this... My crocheted blanket is coming along slowly but surely, still a way to go yet though.
Bedroom: Michaels old room, please note no clothes strewn over the floor! That's because he moved out a few weeks back to live in town, he's nearer to work and the pubs!
Michaels quilt is being kept here, I won't let him take it to the feral boys flat! Note Bunny on the bed.... that is a much loved toy that only has one ear left...awwwww....
TV room: We have a couple of wooden ottomans, one small, to the left of the couch which we've put our dvds in and a larger one to the right whick is full of videos...we like watching movies :D
Since the new leather suite came it's been a bit of a juggling act with the furniture. I still love our old leather sofas so they are being used downstairs in the family room....

I never realised just how much space we had here, we simply turned the table, lost a couple of chairs into other rooms and moved my sideboard/servery/hutch against the wall. It's going to be much better like that as my nice dinner service and placemats are stored in it.
Our bedroom:
Again some more shuffling around here, the set of drawers were moved to the bottom of our bed... that we could put the two seater cane sofa in here. The two armchairs are in one of the bedrooms upstairs
Small bedroom:
This was my old craft room, this is better used as a bedroom as the cupboard is a wardrobe.

Bedroom: This room has been used as a bedroom, the temporary office and will now be used as a hobby room. The armchair from the old leather suite in in here, since I took this photo we've put in half of the table tennis table. We'll use this to do jigsaws etc on. Joe want's to try making some model aeroplanes etc..

Lastly the garage doesn't look quite as bad as it did, the van and trailer have been filled with rubbish for the tip. Joe has plans to buy some metal shelving and then he can get organised in here.
The war on clutter, update: I'm not sure if this is going well or not! There is certainly less clutter in our rooms. Even with recycling, giving to the charity shops and throwing away, we still seem to have a lot of stuff that is getting moved from one place to another. When we cleared the loft in readyness for the insulation, I said that no way was all that crap going back in the loft!
I lied! Sigh..............


  1. It's looking good've been busy little bees :)

  2. I'm ready to move in!
    It is all so nice and clean. It also look simple, easy to move about. I enjoyed my visit to your home. beautiful. Thanks.

  3. Thnak you ladies, the knack now is to keep it looking like that :D

  4. Awesome... everything just flows together. I love the fact that it is bright and airy. Did you redo the kitchen?

  5. Thanks wendy, nah the kitchen is the same, just rearaanged the little dining area. One day I will have a new day if ever have any money again :D

  6. Anonymous2:54 pm

    You have done such a great job on your house. I love it. So roomy and yet, it looks so cozy and comfortable. Take a bow, my dear.


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