Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to partay!!!

Over the last two days I have transferred twenty litres of apple cider into four demijohns, today I bottled 23 bottles of feijoa wine, we are drinking bottle number 23. It's potent stuff so I'm blogging before the effects kick in.

ETA: That should read as, we are drinking bottle No 23, as in the last bottle out of the bucket! NOT the 23rd bottle in total! lol :D ****Hic!****


  1. For a minute I thought I read that you had drunk 23 bottles of wine. Should really wear my glasses.

    I remember my Dad making a sparkling passionfruit wine, it was a potent drop.

    Cheers big ears :)

  2. How wonderful. I love apple cider but don't like heavy stuff. Nice you can put this away..........however you feel!

  3. lol Sue how is the head this morning????

  4. Lisa: I'd have wokn up dead if I had! lmao! :D
    sllf : The apple cider is a bit weaker than I thought it might be, but then it wasn't all apple juice was watered down a bit. But I think it will be a nice cool drink in the summer.
    Leanne: Sore!! :D


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