Friday, October 29, 2010

Friskey gets a slight name change and we have a new calf

Friskey has been renamed Frisket the Brisket, I have Wendy at Butterflies and Breezes to thank for that, I did chuckle and just had to change it.

After abandoning the mothering on malarkey Frisket took to the bottle like he;s been doing it all his life!! ;-D
They still suck after the bottle is finished so it's a good time to introduce hard feed

An Announcement

Yesterday on the 28th of October Diamond a first time calver had a rather nice looking dun bull calf, all seems well and no drama with one, although she did look like she had a bit of bother getting that big head out!

Diamond looking in pretty good shape, ugly udder though! See it? Udderneath!


  1. Anonymous9:55 am

    Frisket the Brisket- great name!!

  2. Isn't it! I had to change it, well done Wendy :D


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