Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In the garden - An unfinished project revisited

Way back in March we created a plant border out by the front door, see here, but then like so many things that's as far as we got.
This past weekend was meant to have been spent on the garden and the veggie garden, well as you know other events meant we didn't quite achieve what we set out to do.
We did however get a couple of jobs done, this post is about one of them.

If you clicked on the link above to read the original post, you will see thatthings grew back! :(
Grass has a habit of doing that....
So out came the rotovator/cultivator which needed a new link in the chain to work again and Joe set to work............
So much easier than digging...........

Although when it ran out of petrol Joe did set too with the spade but once refueled he finished the job off....
Next it was time for weed control matting.....
Jinx the cat made a good effort to pull it all up again! :D
We had purchased s few plants and we were given the yukkas.....

We need a few more plants to finish it off, then we need to get a truckload of mulch delivered.


  1. Anonymous11:12 am

    It looks good, Sue. Your cat is a great helper!!

  2. Oh, such a nice, big (yet still manageable) tiller you guys have. Ours is about half the size and when I was tilling the bed for the garlic last week, I about wrenched my shoulders out of their sockets. ugh.

  3. It was a big purchase F_dk but it's been so very useful, it earns it's keep :D
    Mel she is always soooo very helpful lol


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