Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday funny - One for our men! I know you girls can take it

Have yourselves a great weekend everyone ♥


  1. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Where can my husband get a subscription?

  2. I think that one is perfect for Greg!! Sue your place is looking brilliant! OmG the strawberries - YUMMO! The cake - drool! You garden is looking fantastic. Loving your blog as usual.

    Rach :-)

  3. Thank Rachel ♥ What would our men do without us to guide them! :D

  4. I love your Friday funny posts. Thanks for posting on my blog. I need to re-add you to my blog roll that I lost when I changed my blog..
    Have a great weekend down there..

  5. Hi Jo, and you have a great weekend up there! :D

  6. What a hoot!! That "magazine" is riot!


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