Wednesday, December 08, 2010

December in the veggie garden 2010

I can't believe what a difference a month makes in the veggie garden. we have been eating some produce now for a few weeks.
Picture heavy.

Tomatoes, a huge variety planted.

Grafted moneymaker, tomatoes by Christmas?
Cherry tomatoes

Runner beans, finally doing something

Lettuce bed, this is producing an abundance of leaves

Green and yellow beans, we'll be picking some soon

Look at all those peas! Not quite ready yet
Potatoes, at the rear, early swift, front purple heart
Capsicums and chilli peppers
Chilli pepper
Capsicum, thats just some dried leaf on the skin
Carrots doing better now the mutant radish have been pulled
Red cabbages and silverbeet
Cabbage and beetroot
Would ya look at that! The first Lebanese cucumber
Green patty courgettes, we picked out first one at the weekend
Pumpkin, gherkin, courgette/zucchini and corn bed


  1. Wow! What an amazing veggie garden you have!!!!

  2. The garden just looks so wonderful :) We've had a ton of rain and high temps here, so much has bolted to seed, so have to confess am suffering some envy :)


  3. Gosh Sue your garden is so well organized. And very productive and big!!!

  4. Beautiful! I love your garden! :)

  5. It's taken about 3 years to get it like it is, raised beds are the way to go and a good garden mix. Normally there is very little weeding to do, but we bought in a mix of garden mix(for veg growing) and topsoil to keep the costs down, unfortunately the topsoil is full of weeds seeds, won't be so tight next time. Certainly pays to buy the best sometimes.

  6. Oh your garden looks wonderful....I'm slightly green with envy ;O)

  7. As green as the leaves Lisa? ;-D

  8. Your garden is growing really well and you have the same vegetables as I do.

  9. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Everything looks so good. I am jealous.

  10. I am new to your blog. Your veggie garden looks fantastic.


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