Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Had an Op shop fest today

Op shop as in Opportunity/Charity or thrift shop. I never realised what treasures were to be found in these places. Today I've been out and about with my mate Sue who is the Op shop Queen. She pretty much takes care of Michaels entire wardrobe, he often would come home with a great t-shirt, and I would say, 'Where did you get that?' He would reply 'Sue'... ah say no more. :D

My main aim today was to buy Joe a present for his birthday tomorrow and find a Christmas garland that I could decorate and hang on the staircase. I was also meant to buy a gazebo/party tent for a party here on Saturday. I did manage to complete part of the mission, I found a garland and I got Joe's present. But I had spent too much time browsing in the Op shops and with good company. I did find the party tent and was looking right at it but it would have meant finding someone to get it down off some very high shelving. So I've left that for another day, probably Friday.

So here is what I found:-

In one op shop I got 10 craft magazines for 50c each

... two beautiful embroidered mats and a part finished quilted block, each item $1.50 each
In another shop I found these lovely sheets, not sure if they are vintage or not, but over at Down to Earth they recently had a Vintage sheet swap unfortunately I wasn't able to take part, but now there is a Vintage sheet picnic/beach rug tutorial going and I would like to have a go at this in the new year. I have at least made a start collecting for my stash, I think that there are one or two here would make nice quilt backings
At the local tip they have a recycling centre, a lot of it is just junk really but there are treasures to be found, such as this Christmas Garland, it has lights and it's in working order and cost me $10.00, I'm really pleased with this, it looks like new. Just what I wanted.
After a visit to a fabric store...well fabric Heaven really, for a quick look we made our way to Spotlight where I picked up a few Christmas decorations for the garland that were reduced to half price..
And last but not least I bought some lace and ribbon so that I can finish my boobs!

What a great day, we're already planning our next trip!


  1. I love op shops too, always find a bargain, plus some.

    You look like you have scored some goodies there especially the sheets. I cant believe that I donated all mine a few years ago to an op shop aghhhh! Wishing now that I had kept them as I have seen some lovely blogs making things out of these sheets, they look great.

  2. For years I avoided them, nasty memories of smelly jumble sales in the UK. But the shops we went to today are so well organised and the stuff they have is generally pretty good.

  3. I wish our charity shops were more like that, occasionally you find a bargain, but all too often it's expensive and barely less than it would have been to buy new, sometimes even more!!!!!!
    Those sheets are lovely and all those magazines, what a find.x

  4. I love going to the thrift stores. You never know what you will find.

  5. What finds!
    I have never seen magazines at our shops. And the sheets are often still quite expensive, but I'm not in need of them. I have however been looking at tablecloths, no luck with what I am wanting.


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