Friday, December 17, 2010

The decorations are up

Tree in the upstairs lounge

Lights on
Tree in family room downstairs
..same tree lit (We moved it!)
Hallway decorations

Pasta angels
The new garland

Under the stairs

The dresser and in the lounge

Quilted Santa wall hanging
Three different coloured wire wrapped randomly around a length of plastic made a great hanger
TV room, Santa's Grotto


  1. Wow look at your festive house.. just bootiful.. I love the tapestry! and if I eat butter and cream and drink plenty of plonk this Christmas you say I am gonna look like Nigella? I like the way you think :-p Personally I think I will end up looking more like the GoodYear

  2. Your home looks beautiful Sue, love that wise men quilt. Did you make it yourself?

    The health guru does not look very healthy to me, so eat and be merry, just don't overdo it lol

    Merry Christmas to You, Joe and Michael. Will he be home for Christmas?

  3. Thank you Rina, it seemed to take a long time to get it looking like it does now. Yeah I made the Santa quilt for last Christmas, it was the first quilt I ever made!
    You all have a great Christmas too ♥

  4. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Your decorations are wonderful!! I am getting on a plane right now and coming to steal that wall hanging!!

  5. That is looking sooooo festive! Really pretty!


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