Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday funny - No contest!

This woman is 51.
She is a TV “health guru” advocating a holistic approach to nutrition and ill health, promoting exercise, a pescetarian diet high in organic fruits and vegetables. She recommends detox diets colonic irrigation and supplements, also making statements that yeast is harmful, that the colour of food is nutritionally significant, and about the utility of lingual and faecal examination

This woman is 50.

She is a TV cook, who eats nothing but meat, butter and deserts.

So forget “join a gym and eat more celery”. This Christmas, it's food and booze all the way.


  1. That's funny. I love all your decorations too Sue, they look fantastic! Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. I like Nigellas way better:0)

  3. Well said. Poor Nigella cops a caning from all the nutritionalists but really...comeon...who looks the most contented and happy here?

  4. Nigella rocks! And she's just gorgeous~

  5. 51? Are you sure that woman isn't 151!!
    Go Nigella!!

  6. Wow! I haven't seen picture of her since we lived in Wales in 2006. She needs some red meat and real fat..I can't believe that she looks like that, absolutely not a seller for her products..She is missing out on some good nourishing food..

    Nigella looks great!

  7. Who is she Jo? I've no idea. I was wondering whether you would comment on this lol and glad you went for Nigella :D

  8. LOL - that is sooo funny :-)

  9. she used to have a show called, You are what you eat, or something like that(isn't that the truth?LOL. And she was often covered in Natural health magazines, even in Holland & Barrel (is that the name?) store magazine..
    I never liked her...She had her own health products as well...As you can see they are no good. LOL


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