Sunday, December 19, 2010

The birthday boys!

Yesterday we had our annual shindig, Joe's birthday is on the 16th on December, it falls on that date every year, funny that. So we have a 'bit of a do' here on the Saturday that falls closest to it. This year we combined Joes party with a very belated 18th party for Michael, his birthday is on the 8th of June and that too is the same each year, just bizarre! Anyhow, he didn't get a party back in June cos he left home and mummy packed a sad and mumbled things like, 'Well if he buggers off and leaves me he can go take a running jump' or some such thing like that!
We were quite well organised, we had tidied the house the day before and on the day Joe set up a covered area with a tarpaulin, it had been chucking it down all week and more was forecast and I really didn't fancy the pig on a spit in me family room! So a tarp it was! Whilst Joe sorted that and did a few outdoor things, no idea what, I wasn't listening, ;D I made some salads, I got those done quite quickly and decided to make a rather nice curried rice salad, the recipe is from a friend in the UK and they always did it at their BBQs. I realised though I was short of one ingredient. So I rang Michael, the conversation went a little like this:
9.30am ish
S- Hey Michael, where are you? You're meant to be here helping set up for this party, ya know, your party this evening?
M- I'm coming, I'll be there soon.
S- Ok, can you, on your way here, stop at the supermarket and get me some orange juice, I need it asap for a rice salad
M- what sort?
S- Fresh squeezed, oh and dad says can you get some tomato juice, Oh and I could do with some sponge scourers
M- Oh no Dads not having bloody Marys is he, they're disgusting!
S- What the heck does it matter what he drinks, you don't have to drink it!!
M- Sick
S- So you will get those bits then?
M- Yep ok
S- So what do I need?
M- Tomato juice, orange juice and sponge scourers
S- Well done, don't be long.

S- Michael, where the eff are ya?
M- We're on our way, C(mate) has just bought something and got free frozen chickens we're taking them back to the flat to put in the freezer. Won't be long
S- Well ya better not be, don't forget those things and get a bloody move on
M- Yeah mum, alright...jeeze!

Van and teens arrive

S- About time, where's that orange juice?
M- Fffffffffff........................
S- You're kidding me!!

Heads out and finally brings the stuff needed back, but he picked up a duff bottle of juice with a faulty lid and it had gone mouldy around the top, so I wouldn't use it.

Teens head out to buy beer and a third attempt at some orange juice. Weren't they already out before!!?

Teens return and I get orange juice! And Curried rice salad gets finished, only 8 hours in the making!!! Bloody kids! Would have been quicker to grow my own tree!

Anyway, the party was great, everyone had a great time, we had a pig on a spit and everyone brought a plate of either salads or desserts. Joe's party guests, the 'olds' ;D left at a reasonable hour but there were teens still awake at 6.30 this morning!! They were looking a tad worse for wear I must say! Oh to be young again and partying all night, these days its a cocoa in bed by 10.30pm.

A few photos from the party and Michael is modeling a rather cool apron made by his mates mum, and my friend Sue. She's a very clever girl and Michael was 'stoked'! And made sure everyone knew he was 'stoked' alllllllllll night. It was a pretty cool apron though. I'll be back with photos of that and all the goodies on it tomorrow. But for now enjoy a select few pics, at the bottom of the page will be a link to the full album on Facebook.

Birthday boy modelling apron
The other birthday boy carving the pig roast
Food, glorious food!
Me, multitasking
I'm not Psssshhhhhed!
Honest! I's snot pshhhhed!

Click 'here' to view more photos


  1. Looks like fun and yes I think he is 'pppsst' . You kids have memories
    like my boys, can never remember what I ask them to do:0)

  2. Sounds like teen forgetfulness had gone pandemic!! :D

  3. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Looks like a good time was had by all!!

  4. It looks like a lot of fun. The food looks very delicious.


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