Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Harvest from the garden - 20/12/10

We've been getting veg from the garden for a few weeks now, there have been plenty of salad leaves and radish and a few green patty courgettes and zucchini. A week or so ago our region was declared a drought zone, our paddocks were brown and our water tanks were getting low. But during last week it began to rain, we got the odd few mm's a day, not nearly enough to make a difference. On Sunday, the day after the party I emptied out our rain gauge, it was full to overflowing! It holds just over 120mm's, now I'm not sure if it was a true reading but many places had had about the same. Yesterday I emptied out another 6mm and this morning Joe tells me we got 40mm last night. So all in all a lot of much needed rain, both of our huge water tanks are full to overflowing, the paddocks are turning green again and the vegetable garden has gone mad! It has been incredibly humid, the last couple of days it has been in the high 90%'s humidity which makes doing anything really difficult. However we spent a couple of hours in the vegetable garden yesterday evening. The time was spend, harvesting, weeding, removing the wire cages from around some of the beds to make picking easier and I tried to do something with the tomatoes that were going feral!
Yesterdays harvest yielded:

One small row gave 2.1kg of early Swift new potatoes, we had a few with dinner and they were delicious.
6 huge green patty courgettes, 3 oversized zucchini (marrows now), 6 medium zucchini, 3 large yellow zucchini and we even had 2 good sized capsicums, guess who'll be making chutney?
Last week we'd picked some beetroot and I finally got around to cooking them yesterday, well almost burning them actually!! I put them in a saucepan of water and came upstairs, sat down and fell asleep! Joe came home, waking me and then saying 'What's burning?' Oops! ;D Luckily nthe beetroot were okay, but the saucepan isn't!


  1. The veggies look yummy. Hard to imagine having veg in my garden at the moment with ALL. THIS. SNOW. Getting abit bored with the white stuff now. x

  2. I bet, it sounds like everyone is.

  3. You garden is going well and the veggies look yummy. I am picking the same thought of things and will make pickles or chutney when we get a heap( or sick of the sight of zucchinis or squash). You were lucky with the beetroot :0)

  4. I'm hoping the tomatoes will green up byt the weekend, but I might be dreaming there~

  5. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Everything looks so good.


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