Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Harvest from the garden - 21/12/10

................and there's more!! 2 Lebanese cucumbers, 2 apple cucumbers, another green patty courgette that got missed yesterday and enough beans and peas for dinner

Everything on our table tonight was produced by us, the vegetables grown by us, meat/beef raised by us and cider brewed by us and it was all eaten and drunk by us! :D
Truly the Good life


  1. It sure is the good life!

  2. That's wonderful! It looks very tasty.

  3. How delightful for you. Wish I could be as self sufficient as that. Even growing a few vegies is good, they taste so much better than the store bought ones.

    I have 3 apple cucumber plants just starting to grow, 5 zucchini plants, capsicums that are fruiting, and some silver beet, mainly for the chickens. I have been too late in planting this year...


  4. I think it's going to be a good year for veg's :D And yeah the shop bought veg are no comparison, especially the potatoes :D

  5. Hi Sue! Yum!
    Is that grilled zucchini on your plates? If so how do you make it? I'm most curious ( and feel a little silly for asking )In a pan, under the grill? I've only ever eaten it boiled and a new potential is interesting.

  6. It is Tammy, Joe did it on the BBQ, with a little butter :D You can do it in a fry pan too. Very yum!

  7. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Your dinner looks so good.

  8. Your garden is really producing.
    Total joy isn't it fresh from the garden to the dinner plate.

    Love Leanne


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