Friday, December 24, 2010

Op shop training continues

Yesterday, Thursday, phase two of my Op Shop training continued. My Jedi Master Op shopper, Sue, took me to the next level. The first level being, fabrics, nic nacs etc, stage two being clothes hunting. Before I show you what I found I feel I need to explain why I've never really looked for clothes, or anything for that matter, in op/charity shops. Years ago when I was a young'un living in the UK, jumble sales were the in thing, now it seems to be car boots sales. Jumble sales though were usually held on a Saturday at the local church hall, and trestle tables were placed in rows or a big square and the 'jumble' which had been collected or donated were heaped onto the tables. More often the not the barging started before the doors opened, dear little old grannies lined the street waiting for the doors to open at which point it became every granny for herself! They were scary and took no prisoners! Such tactics as whacking you with their handbag, poking you with their walking sticks and elbowing you in the ribs were used to put you off you stride and snatch that item you were just about to pick up! Old people eh! Pah!, Defenceless! Pffft!
My most vivid memory of jumble sales though, apart from Gestapo Grannies, was the smell, those clothes just stank, and that stink has been the main reason why I've never been keen to go rummaging in clothes in the op shops. I have to say that my recent outings have been surprising, the shops are well organised and the clothes are clean and well presented.
I am but a Padoin Learner and have much to learn in the art of Op shopping, but with my Jedi Master (Sue) to guide me I am sure I will be become a worthy Master of the force! ;-D

So here is what I found:
4 tops
4 singlets/vests
Shirt for Joe, leggings for me
Jandals $4, still have the labels, never been worn!
And few other finds, bowl $5, small platter $3, pate knives $1 each, knives in box $6(new), lacy table thingy (what are they called?) $1
Cross stich magazines, never used 50c each
Total Spend:
Habitat for Humanity $35.00
Look Smart Clothing $28.00
St Vincent de Paul $17.00

Not a bad effort considering how much I've got there, just the night before I was looking at one new top for $39.99!! I think the force is strong with this one.


  1. Great finds!! Love the tops. :-)

  2. You got some good bargain there, some op shops are good but there are some crappy ones too. I never seem to find much when I go there:0(
    Keep up the training,lol.

  3. We seem to be quite lucky here in Hamilton :D It's quite the Kiwi thing to go op shopping :D

  4. Wow!! You did great!! Good, quality clothing is hard to find here, but every once in a while you get lucky.

  5. I love making that discovery of finding something really good, shame I'm not a couple of sizes smaller, there'd be no stopping me!


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