Wednesday, January 12, 2011

101 things to do with Zucchini and other vegetables

If you've been wondering where I've been lately, I've been in my kitchen making it look like this on a daily basis....The vegetable garden has gone mad this year so preserving seems to have started early.
It's involved doing something with this little lot, 1.6kg of peas now in the freezer
And doing battle with these!

Beetroot getting the hot boiling water treatment
Salted zucchini and cucumbers, salted in preparation for bread and butter pickles
Making some progress, Zucchini (cucumber (2nd recipe) relish, pickled beetroot
and bread and butter pickles
I got a new food processor in the Boxing day sales, it's been getting a good work out. Chopped zucchini in 500g sizes and frozen. To be used in soups, stews and sauces etc
Yesterday I made zucchini soup and added some onion, old frozen veg from the freezer, with a bit of curry powder, cumin and chilli and seasoning it turned out rather nice, and there's enough there for 6 more meals

Also for dinner we had stuffed marrow. I'd made samosas the night before and kept some of the mince
Made some tomato sauce*, spooned over the mince, sprinkled some grated cheese on top and a bit of black pepper

Baked in the oven until we couldn't wait any longer! I have to say this was devine!
Also I have gherkins languishing in a brine, being bottled tomorrow, they have to soak for 2 days
My freezer is filling nicely, NB top shelf, middle, round things = zucchini fritters!
Only got this lot to go!! ****SOB****
Oh and I wanted to add this, one of many delicious salads we are having lately.
Oh look! Zucchini!

*Slice onion and courgette and put in a pot with some oil. Stir fry until they start to soften. Add 1 tin chopped tomatoes (or fresh if you have them). Season with pepper only. Swill the empty tomato tin with a small amount of water, add same amount of soy sauce and stir. I also added a glug of worchershire sauce and balsmaic vinegar and a good pinch of cayenne! Cor yum!
Simmer on low heat until it thickens - about 20 minutes or so.

And back to the kitchen I go, I may be let off for good behaviour soon!


  1. Wow Sue, you have been all looks so good. Happy pickling ;)

  2. It's a veritable pickling frenzy here :D

  3. I'm going to grow us some of them this year : ) That's when everything thaws out of course! I'll be back here raking for your recipes later in the year I'm sure. I must send you the apple crumble one this year! I never got round to it last year. Do you want one for vodka pasta too?

  4. heheehee! Your kitchen looks like our kitchen! I do love growing the veggies, but everything's ready at the same time and we can't waste it.

    Can't complain though - remember last year when we were making passata almost every day? Well, it's lasted all year and we've been having pasta and pizzas with it regularly so it was all worth it.

  5. Aileen! Vodka pasta! Of course! Silly question lol and the apple crumble too please! ♥
    Laura, I know it seems never ending but yep soooo worth it, we still have stuff from last year too :D

  6. Sue,that look's wonderful,are'nt you clever!!what gorgeous Vegee's,can i come and live with you?xx Carol

  7. Anonymous11:56 am

    Wow!! That is a lot of stuff. Will you ever get out of the kitchen?

  8. Mel, probably not...send wine! ;)

  9. Oh you have been so busy and it all looks so nice. Your freezer will be full soon :0)

  10. I have to say I love all you are doing....but, mostly looking at that organized freezer!!!! Jealous.

  11. Ah now Melissa, it didn't look like that an hour before!! Handy tip: Wear gloves when reorganising the freezer :D

  12. What a busy time you are having. I guess that is what growing your own is all about. Always seems to be that way, feast or famine.

    My garden is not so good this year (too late in planting) have got zucchinis, silver beet, capsicum and apple cucumber, but the vegies are still a little way off yet.


  13. We've not put anything new in the garden Tania as it's been too hot, so instead concetrrating on using the harvest. After hearing the news last night I think we will be planting lots more. Then Queensland floods will affect the amount of produce able to be bought here in NZ. So best we make sure we can feed ourselves :D


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