Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the kitchen today - The Queen of Chuterknee strikes again!

You saw the wheelbarrow and today I attempted to do something with it all! Firstly I had to try and get organised. I started by sorting everything out, tomatoes in a bowl, cucumbers together, gherkins put to soak in a salt brine for two days and the aubergine, carrots and runner beans wrapped in newspaper to be stored in the bottom of the fridge.

Then I sorted all of this, some is still hanging around from last week!
Back row(l to r) Cooking apples, purple heart potatoes, buttercup pumpkins
Front row(l to r) Green peppers(capsicums), onions, red cabbage, green patty courgettes, yellow courgettes, green courgettes...well marrows really :D
Front: One lone red chilli pepper
I forgot to show you our onions we pulled a few weeks ago, I've used quite a few already, although we didn't have a huge harvest this year. Next time we'll plant heaps more.
Last weeks chutneying efforts, left to right: Ferkin Gherkins, pickled beetroot, bread and butter pickles, and about a gazillion cucumber relishes!

Todays efforts, courgette chutney, I didn't have any dark brown sugar so used ordinary brown sugar, and chopped everything in my new food processor. And more bread and butter pickles.

Tonights dinner consisted of, green pepper halved, stuffed with cherry toms, fresh basil, olive oil and sea salt, if I'd had any garlic I would have added that too. Baked in the oven. (A bit too long!)

Served with spicy meatball/patties, purple heart potatoes and corn on the cob

I'm ready to go sit in my recliner chair and watch some TV. Probably see you tomorrow!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh I adore homemade chutney mmmmmm delish!

  2. i will send you my not so full wheelbarrow and you can process it for me. ive just cleaned up from making soap and i cant be bothered making another mess, or rather cleaning up afterwards. it all looks scrum.

  3. Kimmie they are the best eh! I haven't bought chutney for well over a year now :D
    brendie....Noo!! Please..*sob* no more wheelbarrows!! hahahah!

  4. All those beautiful colors. That poor lone chili pepper looks so sad.


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