Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knitty Mrs Pickles!

I have a new name! :D Lisa over at Sewing the Seeds of change left a comment the other day calling me Mrs Pickles! And I rather like it! :-D

Well that was easy! It was quicker to knit than to try and get the blasted thing printed off! Haha!

Cute eh?

Okay you will be pleased to know that things appear to be slowing down in the veggie garden!

But now we have plums!!

Gibber, gibber...


  1. Hehe..... I see you like your new name :)

    I love the vest, very cute indeed!

    So what will you be doing with all those lovely plums? I saw plums for $6.99 a kg the other day at the fruit and veg thanks!

  2. I love my name lol, I should go back and give you credit for that! :D
    Thinking of bottling some in syrup and maybe stewing some and freezing. I still have some in he freezer from last year, I'm going to make wine out fo those. :D

  3. You will be glad of all the produce when the garden doesn't have much left in it, your pantry and freezer will be full. The vest is very cute and you did a great job.

  4. Marjon5:07 pm

    Gibber, gibber...

    Thanks for the LOL!

  5. You're welcome! :D I wonder if they'll let me blog in the loony bin!


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