Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fish and chip Friday at Raglan

We live 30 minutes away from the nearest beach, it's called Raglan. It's a lovely place and being so near we really should make more of an effort to go there. So yesterday, Friday, we put the dogs in the back of the van and headed to the beach for the first Fish and Chip Friday, which hopefully will be a regular event.
It was a lovely evening, the tide was out leaving little pools everywhere. The dogs love the beach, they know exactly where they are going and once we get into Raglan they start going bonkers in the back, it's as much as we can do to hold them back when we open the car doors!
After a nice stroll and much stick throwing, we bundled back into the van and headed into the town centre to buy some fish and chips which were eaten out of newspaper overlooking the harbour as the sun was going down.
This weekend Raglan plays host to the Hog rally, we saw quite a few bikes and I reckon Raglan will be buzzing.

If you're wondering what the heck I'm doing in the next few photos, don't worry I'll tell you. Joe said he would take a photo of me, we put down all we were carrying, flip flops, dogs leads and carrier bags (for picking up poo!) The Poo bags (minus poo) decided to blow away in the wind! Now I hate litter and people who litter so being the conscientious person I am, I took off after the bags! I'll say right now, I am NOT built for speed, I'm more like a cruise liner, built for floating and in need of tug boats to dock! It's a good job we rarely see anyone when we go on this beach 'cos my big fat arris wobbling along is not a pretty sight! Please also note that I was nearly home by the time I finally got my foot on the blasted things! Blardy wind. My thanks go to Joe for capturing such a special moment! Oh I'm special alright!

At least we got the photo!

In our excitement, we took another photo. NB Never work with animals and children!

Bikes with a view!

Fish and chip Friday

Bikes outside the local pub


  1. Looks like a good tradition to get into. The dogs obviously love it too. I can never get used to the black sand in NZ!

  2. What a great way to end the working week. Don't ever work with children, animals or plastic bags,lol.

  3. Anonymous11:48 am

    You take such great pictures. I love the one with you and the dogs.

  4. Hi Duchess :D The black sand is only on the west coast, over on the east side it's golden :D
    Debbie, nope never working with plastic bags again!
    Mel that was the 3rd attempt! ;-D


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