Saturday, February 19, 2011

How silly? Just testing the boundaries Joe!

Both City Sue and I have teenage sons, they are friends, which is how we came to meet. Both boys are probably rueing the day they introduced us, but "Hey! Are we bovvered?"
Those of you with teenage sons will know that they are an odd breed of thing and that sometimes you just have to have a bit of a laff with them.
Sometimes ya just gotta wind 'em up big time!
For those of you not at the 'teenage stage yet' this may give you some insight into 'teenage' behaviour!

And so it was that on Friday CS (City Sue) and I decided to test the 'Silly' boundary whilst incorporating Teen teasing. All photos have been added to Facebook and 'tagged' so that both our boys friends can share!

It was fun and quite silly, but I'm sure we could do 'Much Sillier' Whaddya reckon?

Choice! Innit! Bovvered!


  1. LMAO I had a 17 son and daughter LOVE it!

  2. Haha....oh thats so FUNNY.
    I think you have way too much time on your hands woman!

  3. That may be so but I think I'm using it wisely! ;-D Or was that just silly! hahah!

  4. When my boys were teenagers we used to do silly things like that when their mates were around. They loved it but facebook wasn't around then,lol.

  5. Anonymous11:51 am

    You are right, teenage boys are like nothing else I have ever experienced. Love the pictures!!


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