Saturday, February 19, 2011

This week's Op shopping, two trips this week!

I got to go Op Shopping twice this week, I finally have use of the car again and so there was no stopping me.
Joe's words to me as I whooped with joy at being mobile again, were
'Just don't be 'silly!'...
'Silly?' What does that mean?
My mate City Sue and I pondered this for a while over a cuppa and came to the conclusion that, as no distinct boundaries were set regarding such 'silliness' we assumed that self regulation would have to suffice. A new peak of silliness was reached at one point but I will save that for it's own blog post later.
Anyway, anyway...Op shopping...twice...exciting stuff!

Wednesday I was chomping at the bit knowing I had the car, told City Sue I was coming in and to be ready to go...go..go! And go we did...

2 pairs of Kumfs sandals, brand new, maybe worn once, $5 each
3 new singlet tops, $6 each
Bags of wool $5 each
Crocheted wool afghan $5
A couple of funnels and small measure.

*Have to mention here that we stopped in a bakery to grab some lunch and we had 'Saussage rolls' We could have had baccon sandwich or some chicken passta salade! Noice!

Then Friday we were at it again for part 2....

Blouse $7
Books $1 each except for Bryce Courtney $4
Woolen blankets $2 each
Sarong $4
Knitting needles 50c

Should mention here too that the decluttering isn't going too well, but I'm on a roll with the recluttering!

Back soon with some silliness!


  1. That sarong is a fantastic find!

  2. It's huge too, I'm thinking of making a wraparound skirt with it maybe.


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