Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's a dog's life.....Oh! It's a cat's life too!!

Jinx needs more leg room obviously, how thoughtless of me!

...and Tiger is soooo underfed!

....and poor Squidge just doesn't know where his next meal is coming from!

...and then there's poor likkle Max who is so overworked.......

...and Bonnie who doesn't have a bed she can fit into.........

...and we mustn't forget Clyde who sleeps under the stairs! Just call me Harry Potter!

I'm such an awful mother!


  1. You are a terrible mother. Someone should call the authorities and have those poor animals taken away!!

  2. Absolute neglect.....poor little blighters :>

  3. I promise to be a better mum! ;)

  4. Haaaaa.....this is FUNNY!
    Seriously, though, if any of your critters feel abused enough to make a call to animal welfare, they're going to be hard pressed to prove anything with these photos floating around. :-)

  5. Our dogs have suprisingly similar habits. Particularly the falling out of the basket one!

  6. Let me tell you where they are today, Jinx in sunbathing on the window seat, Tiger is asleep on the tray! Yes the tray on my coffee table!! Squidge is hiding under the sofa, Clyde is 'guarding' Tiger, Max is at my feet on the sofa and there's no sign of Bonnie, at a wild guess she's on my bed!


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