Saturday, February 12, 2011

Op shopping resumes and bargains were to be found.

I was out all day yesterday with my mate City Sue, we haven't been Op shopping (charity shops) since before Christmas and I was getting withdrawal symptoms! We had a great day including morning tea at a French restuarant run by some Taiwanese! Thanks for being chauffeur Sue xx

Last August I found these little beauties and then yesterday I found these three platters to match, total cost $9.50!

I've been looking for some loose leaf tea caddy spoons for Joe. He loves a proper cup of tea, made in a brown teapot (best tea ever apparently, don't ask, Webber theory!) Anyhoo, it's been a bit of a mission but the searching paid off. Sue found the lovely ladle like spoon and I'll use that for chutneys etc, one of the other tea spoons I had spotted before. It had a mark on the handle and I had left it in the shop a couple of times, but it was still there yesterday lying on a shelf, all on it's own and I thought, 'Well okay if ya gonna make me feel bad I'll buy you!" Then once that decision was made I found the other one, so we now have two. I happened to mention when paying that all I needed now was a nice tin tea caddy, "There's one at the back!" and there was, so I got that too. So now we have the brown tea pot, that was a mission in itself a few years back, it's a brown glazed earthenware tea pot, the spoons and the tea caddy. All we need now is some nice loose leaf tea. OH!!! Just thought now we need a tea strainer! Oops! City Suuuue....our next mission if we choose to take it.....!

Knitting needles, no more than 50 cents a pair. I'm knitting for my sister in law who has a new baby on the way and had requested some handknits and I was more than happy to oblige. But I am short of needles and I wasn't about to pay full price for a new set, all this little lot cost less than a new pair I looked at in spotlight!

Now this has to be my find of the day, a beautiful embroidered table cloth, cost $4.00.

Isn't it gorgeous?

A couple of books, $2,50 & $3.00

Spotlight had a wool sale on and I got this pile of lovelies for $2.00 a ball, the pattern was from another wool shop in town, probably the most expensive single item all day!
Cute pattern though.

Not a bad effort, Joe really liked his presents and was very appreciative of how much I saved him today! What a good wifey I am!


  1. Oh you have me itching to go to the thrift store now. I think a trip will be in order this weekend. Maybe some mama alone time when I leave The Boy with Super Hubby. Lovely finds! I so wish I could knit.

  2. Go lady go! I demand it :D Get someone to teach you to knit, it's easy really. Anyway you are so creative in everything else you do. do you really need to knit :D

  3. Anonymous4:56 pm

    DH's grandfather swore that the only way to make tea was in a brown teapot. The key he said was to never wash the pot, just rinse it out.

  4. Oh so he's not completey barmy then. :D
    No we never wash it, just rinse it and pour a bit of hot water in to warm the pot before adding the tea.

  5. Lots of lovely bargins there Sue! Aye, you can't beat tea made in a pot.

  6. I must admit that Joes mum always uses real tea and makes it in a teapot, always the nicest tea I reckon.

  7. I go to our thrift store every weekend. You just never know what you might find.

  8. I never realised it could be so much fun Becky :D


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