Friday, March 11, 2011

Opp shopping and S.E.X.

I went Opp shopping and had S.E.X with City Sue today!!

Oh OKAY!!! I suppose I shall have to explain for all you dirty minded lushes out there, S.E.X. stands for Stash Enhancement eXpedition!
I'm 48 and been married for 20 years, what else could it possibly mean! ;-D

First stop was the Salvation Army
Each garment $8
Chiefs top and pants for Joe and the lovely blue top for me

Throw $4
Vase $6

T-shirt for Michael $4

on the back!

At Vinnies in Frankton I got this sleeveless jacket, an expensive label apparently for $4
Vintage Sheets for $3 each

At Look Smart
Books $1 each
Awesome tie (which Joe will never wear) $2
I'll put it away for a future craft project

Habitat for Humanity
Knitting bag $5
Hardback book $5

Back at City Sue's Oscar was unimpressed

However the new baby Sheeba thought it was all bloody marvellous and could hardy contain herself


  1. Love the knitting basket.. I do miss NZ's amazing op shops and wonderful nic nac shops tucked away on back streets.. now as for that tie, I am sure there is some form of bribery he will succumb to so we can see him in that tie..

  2. That is such an awesome tie! And what a lovely grin on the dog :D

  3. I love it! my friend is coming over tomorrow for a girly hour with me in the charity shops! can't wait....I love to see how much i can buy with my fiver xx

  4. Wow!! Awesome haul!!

  5. Anonymous5:11 pm

    what smashing choppers lol

    coffeee Sue

  6. All the better to eat you with lol!


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