Friday, March 18, 2011

Opp shopping Suesday

It was Suesday today (formerly known as Friday) and we went a little further afield today, it was just a different part of town but we hadn't got around to exploring there yet.
We saw this garden....

How cool is that?

'If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.'

My finds of the day...........

Basket $5
Cross stich pattern $1
Chiefs beer glass $3
Vase $3
Glass platter $7.50
Blankets fron $2 to $9 for the pink one
Original oil painting $45 bit pricey, but just lovely
There was also a large Waikato beer glass $5 but Michael has that already

Pretty pleased with that lot!

Friday Funny!

No Friday funny today, well not in the traditional sense, BUT I do have a funny story to share about my Opp shopping buddy, City Sue. Sue drives us around to the opp shops, which is good of her, I really appreciate it. But she had me worried today, we were sitting at traffic lights and it had been raining. The windscreen wipers were swishing back and forth, back and forth. It stopped raining so Sue went to turn them off. She pushed the lever down, the wipers went swish swash, so she flicked the levers up! Still they went swish swash, up the lever went, swish swash, down the lever went, swish swash

'OMG! My wipers won't switch off!'


Then ....'OMG! That's the indicators!!'

We almost suffered some urinary incontinance whilst expressing mirth and delight!
We were still laughing when we got to the next Opp shop!
Gawd knows what the driver thought behind us!

'Ah, they're going ... right...left......'

I just love Suesday's!



  1. haha, thanks for the laugh Sue! I love the idea of Suesday, great finds.

  2. My Sons car has the indicators on the opposite side too and I don't know how many times I have done the same thing,lol.
    More bargain finds.

  3. I wish they would make cars with them all the same way.
    It's always a laugh on Suesdays!:D

  4. Suesdays sound like a blast. Great finds.

  5. It's the highlight of the week :D

  6. Oh such fun! You can't beat a good day out opp shopping.

    You two need to visit the suburb I use to live in, they have 10 opp shops in and around the main street. So many temptations.....

  7. 10!!!!!!!! Drooooollllll!! ;-D

  8. i am so coming down for a suesday - might have to call it luesday just for that day! you idiots with the wipers - i can just imagine!!!

  9. Hi Louise :D Would be a laugh eh!


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