Monday, March 21, 2011

A**holes on the net - a bit of a rant! Come back Frugal Queen!

I like blogging, I ramble on a bit I know and there's no set pattern but I've had 1000's of visitors and I have over 80 followers to my humble little blog. It's nice to know that what I blather on about some people actually like! For that I am very, very grateful. I am also grateful for every one who has ever left a comment, comments are always welcome and are always friendly and encouraging. So all in all my blogging experience has been positive.

There are blogs that I like follow and I try to read them regularly. It's always nice to read what other people are getting up to. Some of those blogs reflect our own lifestyle, some are craft blogs, and some inspiring. Whatever their content they are an interesting insight into other peoples lives, which they very kindly share on the internet with anyone who wants to read.

Today I am saddened to learn that one very inspiring lady, Frugal Queen has felt the need to delete her blog because of some very hurtful comments. So hurtful that she has withdrawn from the blogging world. Not only am I saddened by this but I'm bloody angry about it too. What gives people the right to be such effing arseholes to behave in such a way.
Her friend over at My Beautiful Life has blogged about it today, leave a comment if you feel like I do, and send some support to Frugal Queen.

Rhonda over at Down to Earth has had the same problem recently and has felt the need to vent.

If people don't like what they read it's pretty damned easy to delete the page, just move the cursor to the little cross at the top right of the page, click and it's gone! Once they have done that they perhaps should go get a life!


Rant over! As you were! :-D


  1. Yes it is not good to get comments like that .......if you don't like what you read simple don't leave a comment or don't visit again 'simple'. Like Rhonda said this morning it is a form of bullying.

  2. It is, and they never seem to have a link to go to their blog either do they! Bloody chicken shits! ;-D

  3. Hi Sue, thanks for the support and kind words. I had read FQs blog on occasion and think it will be a sad loss to the blogging world if she doesn't come back. I hope she will have a break and think about how not blogging will give more power to her nemesis. I hope she reads this and comes back, we need more bloggers like her, not fewer.

    Hugs Rhonda

    BTW, my word verification: kingnob. (Snicker)

  4. Bahahahah! Rhonda! That just about sums them up nicely eh! haha! :D

  5. thanks, i was wondering where froogs had gone, i thought mmm maybe she blocked me lol. that stinks!! there are A***holes out there ruining it for us.

  6. I agree with you 100% Sue.

    I wondered what happen yesterday when I went to visit Frugal Queen, I thought it was just a blogger glitch, and was shocked to read that this had happened to her. Frugal Queens blog was one of the best around, I am saddened by this news :(

    Same with Rhonda Jean, why are people so mean and what do they get out of it? I just think their lives must be so miserable, why else would they do it? I am glad Rhonda Jean stands up to them.

    I am also glad you have the guts to blog about it, someone needs to do something about these low life people.


  7. Power to the people! Tania I don't worry about people like that, in fact I would blog about any such comments and show them up for what they are! Windbags! lmao!

  8. Oh :-( - this is incredibly sad. Most likely this bully posted under the name "anonymous", too - the stinkin' coward.

    It never ceases to amaze me that some people are so angry and unhappy with themselves that they feel they need to pick on others.

  9. What a absolute loss to all those of us who read FQ's blog! and it is sad that she has been hurt enough to delete it. Some people are just oxygen thieves and those who have taken it upon themselves to taint the like of FQ and DTE are just that.. oxygen thieves.

  10. i started blogging over 5 years ago and back then, I was just about persecuted for my beliefs. by so called christians.
    I stopped blogging and began a new one just for me.. time went by and I got over it.
    I am still shaking my head that some blogger has the audacity to even think that they have a right to tell anyone what or when they can blog. get a life I say.
    I found you through the forums :)

    I don't know of frugal queen, but maybe she just closed her blog for awhile. sounds sad that she would go forever if she is so well loved :(

  11. I agree entirely....a brilliant rant!!

    Froogs will be sadly missed if she decides not to come back. But I think she just needs a 'time out' at the moment. She is a strong lady and she knows how much we all love her wise words and lovely Blog.

    Blogging bullies must be stood up to every time, there are always going to be a***holes out there though.

    Well done on this post.

    Sue xx

  12. Anonymous1:55 am

    Well said !! ----Krystal from Nova Scotia

  13. I don't think I've ever visited Frugal Queen's blog. It's too bad it's gone, I think I would have loved it!

  14. Oh, what a dreadfully shame and such a loss to so many people like me who have read and digested and found inspiration and want to sort out those who made the comments!! I don't like football, its on every week, I don't swear and have tantrums, I just swith it off! Surely we are all adults and should recognise it takes all sorts to make a world? Please come back Fruggs, I need you. The world needs you!

  15. I'm with you on this one - it's time for the frugal army to march!

  16. I'm sure Froogs will appreciate the support, lets hope after she feels less hurt perhaps she will come back to us.

  17. Hi Sue,i was also wondering where Frugal Queen had gone,i like lot's of other's read her Blog every day,that is so sad that she has closed her Blog up,she will be so missed!!!i cannot believe anyone would be so nasty to her!!i really hopes she comes back!! Carol

  18. I love how all of these cowardly bullies post under "anonymoous". Have the guts to say who you are!! I hope she comes back, otherwise the bastards win.


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