Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A day at Fieldays

National Agricultural Fieldays is held every year in June at Mystery Creek, Hamilton. We don't go every year, but we do try to go at least every other year. I don't normally take photos, if you've seen one tractor you've seen 'em all!

I did take one of the Flintstones car, Fred and Wilma were nowhere to be seen.

I admit to taking some tractor photos, Joe was admiring this Fordson Dexter, we have one of these but it doesn't look anything like this one. Joe's keen to work on ours now he's seen this one.

Some more vintage tractors, these are red!

A gorse cow, gotta do something with the blasted stuff I suppose!

We picked up a few things, Joe got some tool thing, sorry I can't elaborate but my eyes glazed over when he was telling me. I got a couple of bargain throws and we bought some hand cream and silly stuff like that. Managed to taste a few wines and felt a bit squiffy by the tiome we got out of the marquee :-D


  1. Looks like fun. I love red tractors.

  2. Oh you would have loved it there then :D


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