Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A quilt for Michael

I'm still playing catch up here and trying to remember what I did during that time the computer was down. I'm sure it will all come back to me. It's a good job I take photos or I'd never know :-D
Talking of photos, I thought I had lost the lot when the computer died, the computer guy was able to transfer the data from the old computer to the new one, but my photos weren't there. So I called back into the workshop Monday afternoon and luckily they were backed up on his, so he transferred them across while I volunteered at the Salvation army opp shop . There is one file, that I know of, that isn't there and it's the craft/cooking/baking file. After initially feeling a bit down about it I realised it didn't matter too much as most of them are either here on the blog somewhere or on Facebook, so I can retrieve them if I need too. Perhaps I should find a way of backing up the blog.

Anyway back to the the title, I showed you the finished quilt top here
Here it is finished ..


  1. Your telepathic Sue, I posted a comment yesterday about this quilt, and it poofed into no where land. Did I think it is awesome ... Did Micheal love it?

  2. He sure did, so did the girlfriend and they fought over it :D

  3. Caroline9:50 am

    As a novice quilter I love looking at other people's work. Did you hand quilt around the pieces?

  4. Hi Caroline :-D Yes I did quilt it by hand, I used some rough spun wool I was given and a large needle.

  5. Anonymous6:32 am

    Love it!!

  6. Love the quilt....I see all this time without a computer was put to good use ;o>

  7. It was Lisa but now it's back I'm getting nothing done :D


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